Sewing Saturdays Workshop (Novice)

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This workshop is for the novice sewer. There are many definitions of the term 'novice'. I say it is someone who either has no sewing experience or very little sewing experience.

As a novice you will be introduced to sustainable sewing practice with Laura Tanzer. Laura will teach you how to channel your newfound skills through sustainable practice.

Borrow a sewing machine from someone in your family! Or a friend! Or a friend of the family! Learn on that before buying a machine that is only yours. Find the treasures in your family’s closets, drawers, and storage units for unused textiles of all kinds. This is lesson one for sustainable sewing practice. Use existing resources! Do not buy new stuff!

You will bring your sewing machine to class - it is always best to learn on your machine. If you have tools (scissors, snips, ruler, seam ripper, etc.) bring those as well. If you don't, check out the Tools of the Trade in my blog for information about which tools are best.

This workshop requires a bit of commitment.

The workshop runs for four (4) consecutive Saturdays from 12 pm - 2pm. 

The workshop is limited to 6 students, so sign up soon!