Handmade with Love Workshop

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In this age of consumerism, it's nice to step away and actually make gifts for your loved ones. I'm not talking about little nothings. I think it would be great to make gifts that come from the heart, and that will also please your loved ones. 

This is all about learning how to be sustainable in your own life. Use your stash of textiles, remnants, T-shirts, Linens, even a bit of tapestry or an old lace handkerchief to make something new from something old. That is the essence of being sustainable!

This workshop is taking a step in that direction. Creatively. With color. And lots of love. 

The cost of the workshop does not include cost for materials you might buy from Learn Craft Sew(fabrics, trims, etc). That cost will be determined upon choice of project (usually around $5 - $10). 

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