Creative Mending Workshop

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Creative Mending is a great way to cultivate your inner artisan by mending your favorite items with a bit of fun and flair. You will feel proud of your accomplishments after a mere two hour learning, crafting, sewing experience!

This is all about learning how to be sustainable in your own life. Prolong the life of your favorite things, using sustainably sourced remnants. This can be a coat, a blanket, a stuffed animal, a tote, a sneaker!

Bring that fave item to the workshop and learn a few techniques with which to mend while also making that item new! Use/bring from your stash of textiles, remnants, T-shirts, Linens, even a bit of tapestry or an old lace handkerchief to refresh your fave item. That is the essence of being sustainable!

Learn a few stitches, play with a glue gun. Add a bit of textile remnant from our supply here at Learn Craft Sew for a contrast or simply layer on thread with hand sewing. (if you want to use our textile supplies, there will be a charge, usually $5-$10)

No experience necessary. You will learn mainly hand sewing and crafting techniques. (No sewing machine necessary!).

This is a two hour workshop on a Thursday early evening. 

We can accommodate up to 6 in person.

Workshop dates and times: Thursdays 4pm - 6pm