Sewing and Craft Kits

Just Add Thread

These clever kits include everything you need to get sewing and creating. All you'll need are some basic tools and supplies. (Scissors are handy, as are a ruler and tape measure.)

Each pattern and each kit is rated either 'Easy,' 'Moderate,' 'Challenging' or 'Expert.' Each pattern and each kit includes an estimated completion time frame, as well as illustrated instructions for completion. Fabric and embellishment choices are personally curated by Laura to help maximize the flow and design of the project, whether it be a cool garment or accessory pattern or a fun hand sewing kit or crafting project.

Here is a list of basic tools and supplies that will be useful:
  • Basic Sewing Supplies: needles, thread, pins, seam ripper, tape measure, clear ruler. More information can be found on our blog post "Tools of the Trade"
  • High Quality Scissors: fabric, pinking, rotary cutter, paper. More information can be found on our blog post "Four Types of Scissors That You Should Have"
  • A sewing/craft table and/or designated space:  see our blog post "A Room of Your Own: create your ideal sewing and crafting space"
  • Sewing Machine: see our blog post "Which is the Best Sewing Machine for Me?"