About Learn Craft Sew by Laura Tanzer

In today's world, many of us are looking for ways to express our own creativity, and tap into a simpler life - a simpler time.

I am Laura Tanzer. When I temporarily closed my Atelier to the public (except for appointments) during the pandemic of 2020, an idea was born.  Clients were asking to learn how to sew, how to create their own projects. I wondered how I might share my sewing, designing, and crafting experience and love for making things - for a new kind of client. Someone who is a maker; who wants to wear/show off her accomplishments. 

I hope you enjoy what I'm creating here at Learn.Craft.Sew! My intent is to:

  • Nurture and foster a love of learning, craft and  sewing
  • Help you develop tangible (and fun) skills
  • Provide unique designs and cool fabrics
  • Promote sustainability in fashion
  • Create a community of like-minded makers
  • Offer resources and information to live a simpler, slower life
I love helping you:
Learn Craft Sew by Laura Tanzer